Cram cram cramming.


I’m cramming for an exam. It sucks.

Throughout high school, all I heard leading up to exam period was “Don’t leave everything to the last minute!” or “Cramming gets you nowhere!” Well, I certainly hope it gets me somewhere. My linguistics exam is at 2pm. What you see here is me trying frantically to absorb the basics of spectrogram analysis. Fun times!

I’m not usually a crammer. On the day of an exam, I try not to look at anything related to that subject so I can clear my head and relax. I’m ashamed that I’ve left this to the last minute. It’s even sillier because I had 13 days to study for this! Where did those 13 days go? Oh yes, I spent the first few studying hardcore…and then I lost my mojo. My two year anniversary with the boyfriend fell smack bang in the middle of my study period, so I can justify that day off. After that, I ran out of revision exercises to do. I had exhausted my resources (and my brain). I’d done the questions from previous exams and the worksheets that were posted online. I even revisited exercises we did during tutes and lectures. In my head, I threw my arms in the air yelling “What more can I do?!”

Some of my friends were asking me questions almost everyday and it felt like they were doing a hell of a lot more than I was. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to help where I can, but that’s when the anxiety kicked in. “Am I doing enough? Can I pass with what I know? Do I need to do more? But what can I do to improve? How are they finding so many things to learn? I swear the lecturer didn’t teach us that!” Those were just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head whilst the knot in my stomach was growing and tightening. I finally decided to sit down on Sunday night to cram. I told my friends that I would no longer be answering their questions and that I hoped they weren’t offended. They took it well, thank God. I felt so bad about it, but it had to be done. I was worrying so much about what they had studied and what I hadn’t that I couldn’t focus. It may seem selfish, but the more I answered their questions, the more I began to question my knowledge. And the knot in my stomach would grow and tighten. So I had to say no.

Turns out, one of the lecturers decided to post 20 million new exercises online…24 hours before the exam. Ok, it was more like 15 new exercises. And I shouldn’t complain. They helped a lot. It gave me something to do and it pointed out the gaping hole in my spectrogram knowledge.

Fast forward many many hours and here I am. This isn’t a procrastination post, I promise. In the past hour I’ve been able to consolidate my knowledge. I feel like I have a better understanding of spectrograms and hopefully, this will get me through the exam. Let’s see if cramming works…



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