5 Fictional Places I Wish Were Real

1. Central Perk
Yes, I’m talking about the coffee house from Friends. Oh how I’ve always wished to have a coffee in an unusually large mug whilst sitting on that comfy couch listening to Ross’ latest “dinosaur story”. And don’t even get me started on how awesomely awkward Gunter is. What I would give to be the 7th Friend…sigh. The closest thing would probably be to visit the set in L.A. And apparently, some guy in Beijing, China has opened a cafe that is an exact replica of Central Perk. Take me there, please!

2. Hogwarts
Ok, forget about the whole Dark Lord trying to kill everyone thing. Hogwarts is pretty awesome. I’d want to be there for the portraits, the moving stairs, the Room of Requirement and that gorgeous dining hall. Oh, and Dumbledore. How cool would it be to be a student there? To bear witness to what hijinks the Weasley twins get up to? To grow up with Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Draco and the lot? Oh wait…we did that with the movies…never mind.

3. The Hundred-Acre Wood
I would love to spend a day frolicking with all the characters, especially Piglet who was my favourite growing up. It’d be so nice to join in with the adventures. Also, the honey looks delicious. And another thing, I kinda sorta had a crush on Christopher Robin when I was little…hehe.

4. Narnia
You have to be crazy not to wish that Narnia was real! It’s the perfect escape from our dreary, dull world. They have centaurs! And Mr Tumnus! And Aslan! Of course, I’m referring to the era after the White Witch was defeated. I love all the Narnia books, and the movies created the world so closely to how I imagined it. I soooooo badly wish I could walk into my wardrobe and end up in Narnia, spend a week or two there and come back. And no time would’ve passed at all!

5. Sesame Street
As a child, my dream was to appear on Sesame Street. I wanted to be singing and dancing with Big Bird! If only there were such a street where everyone was always happy and singing, and where they taught me big words and how to count. Life would be fun, but also educational. I’d get to play with Elmo and Mr Noodle and all the other characters. If only…


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