So, I have writer’s block. Okay, okay, it’s not really writer’s block. I can think of a million things to write about but none of them seem interesting enough. I promised myself this time that I’d push through the boredom of my life and keep up the blog…and here I am. I guess this post is just a collection of random things that I wanted to write about but thought it was too short/too boring/too random/too uninteresting.

The boyfriend is back! Well, he’s been back for a week now. It’s been so amazing to spend time with him again after almost 2 months apart. It hasn’t been easy but things are starting to fall back into place. And we’ve even ticked off some things off our list. Which brings me to my next topic…

I went ice skating! This is a HUGE step for me because I have this weird fear that if I fell on the ice someone might skate over my hands and chop my fingers off. Anyway, I conquered this fear and spent almost 2 hours ice skating. It went relatively well until I let go of the boyfriend and began to wobble. I still can’t ice skate, but it was a fun experience nonetheless.

We’re going on a road trip! A bunch of uni mates and I are driving down to Rye next week and I’m super excited. The house is booked and everything. I can’t wait for the beach!

Wow, this really is a ramble that’s not really going anywhere…

What else is there? I guess I’ll ramble another time.


3 videos that will get me through the rest of my degree.

So, the way my degree is structured, I’m starting my 1st Masters year at the end of Feb. Eeeeep. I’m freaking out. I know it’s going to be tough and I’ll need a bunch of inspiration along the way. That’s where these videos come in!

1. Small Potatoes – You Can Be What You Want To Be

Why I love this: “You can be (you can be) what you wanna be. You can dream (you can dream) what you wanna dream. You can do (you can do) what you wanna do, but you’ve gotta work hard to make your dreams come true.” So much truth in a song sung by potatoes. And that one potato who wants to be the first potato in space? Adorbz.

2. Bub Climbs 15 Steps Like A Champ

Why I love this: You might be thinking it’s nothing out of the ordinary because it’s just a kitten climbing some stairs, but this really is something special. I did some digging and found out more about Lil Bub. Basically, Bub is a “special needs” cat who was born with many genetic complications. Amongst other issues, Bub was unable to walk a year ago, but look at her now! Her human describes her as “the most determined, remarkable, and inspirational living thing”.

3. Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

Why I love this: “IF YOU BAH-LEEVE IN YOURSELF, YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE. IF YOU DON’T, YOU JUST KEEP PRACTISING.” This kid. Seriously. Bossest kid I know. Listening to him speak makes me feel like I can conquer the last two years of uni. Basically, he’s just super proud that he’s just learnt how to ride a bike and he shares some words of wisdom with other kids (or adults…whatever). And he ends his inspirational speech with an emphatic “Thumbs up for rock and roll!”

Things I say after being in Singapore for a month.

Yes, I have actually uttered or thought these words.

1. “What do you mean the bus doesn’t come for another 30 minutes?!”

2. “What’s a tram?”

3. “8 bucks for a meal?! I’m eating at home.”

4. “Everything is so spread out here! So much space!!”

5. “OMG. There’s gum.”

6. “I love this weather.”

7. “Thank God my hair is not frizzy any more.”

8. “Lah” or “Leh” or “Lorrrr”

9. “Aiyaaahhhhh.”

10. “I want durian!!!”

The hardest thing I’ve had to do.

I’m only 20, so my life is not long enough to have experienced many things. Then again, for anyone, at any age, from any walk of life, leaving loved ones is pretty much the hardest thing to do.

On this day, 11 years ago, my parents, little brother and myself arrived at our new home in Melbourne, Australia. The night before was the hardest thing I have experienced. I remember standing at the departure gates, my vision blurred by tears I promised not to shed. As I made my way through the crowd of family and friends hugging each one tightly, it dawned on me that this was going to be scary. I looked up at Mum only to see the same tears in her eyes and I realised that no matter how scary this was for my brother and I, it was a million times more scary for my parents. After we had said our goodbyes, I grabbed Dad’s hand and walked bravely through security. I turned back slowly, surveying the faces of the people I loved the most, knowing that it would be months before I saw them again. Not trying to be dramatic or anything, but this literally was all in slow motion for me. It still is in my memory.

There were many, many scary things I did that year. The scariest of all was starting at a new school and having to make friends. I am naturally an anxious person and tend to stress about the tiniest of details. The thing I stressed about most was not having anyone to sit with at lunch. I was so afraid of being alone that the first question I asked the girl who was introduced to me was “Can I eat lunch with you?” I must have sounded so desperate. Still, she was my first friend in primary school and I am so thankful for her.

In fact, I’m thankful for the entire move to Melbourne. If we had not moved here, I wouldn’t have been given amazing opportunities and I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend and my closest friends. If we had not moved here, I would not have discovered my confidence. I would not have stood up in front of a congregation of 100+ and shared my testimony. I would not have jumped in piles and piles of autumn leaves in my front yard (while infuriating my Dad in the process). If we had not moved here, my brother would have struggled through school. He wouldn’t have received the appropriate nurturing and care that he did.

And this all happened because of my parents. They were prepared to sacrifice for the sake of their children. In order to give us a school environment that was better suited to our learning styles, they left their family, friends and a country they knew like the back of their hand. My parents are the gutsiest people I know. I admire them and I love them more than anything. I really disliked them when they decided to move. I thought they were just out to ruin my life. Yet it turned out to be the complete opposite.

And so, on this day, I thank my parents for being brave enough to embark on this adventure. I love you Mum and Dad. Even thought it was the hardest thing I’ve had to do, I wouldn’t have it any other way.