Things I’ve heard kids say.

A lot of what I do involves working with children and that means I get to hear MANY of the things they say.

1. Kid: I know what the red and green lights do.
Me: Okay, what does the red light do?
Kid: Stop!
Me: What about the green light?
Kid: Go!
Me: Good! What about the orange light?
Kid: *looks confused* There is no orange light?!

2. Me while teaching my lesson at Sunday school: …and Jesus frees people.
Kid: He doesn’t FREEZE people?!

3. While reading a children’s Bible to a 2.5 year-old girl…
Me: Mary was looking forward to getting married.
Girl: I’m looking forward to getting married too!
I told her Dad to keep an eye on her.

4. Girl 1: I’m allergic to bacon.
Me: Umm, sure, okay.
Girl 2: Wait, do you eat pork?
Girl 1: Yeah, I eat pork.

5. Me while teaching about good turns at Guides: So, what are some examples of good turns you do?
Girl: I help Mum carry the shopping, I give Mum massages and help her cook.
Me: You do all those things?
Girl: Nope.

6. One of the activities for Guides was sorting different currencies into different categories, i.e. paper vs plastic or sorting by countries. I overheard one group sorting the notes into “old” and “young” so I wandered over to investigate.
Me: Oh, so you’re sorting the notes into old notes and new notes?
Girl: Nope, we’re sorting them by the people on the note.
Me: Huh?
Girl: If the guy on the note is old, it goes in this pile. If he’s young, it goes in this pile.

7. While babysitting one day, myself and the young girl were playing with blocks when she suddenly exclaims “Boys wee standing up!”
Me: O…kay?
Girl: And girls wee sitting down!
Me: Umm…
I mean, how am I supposed to respond to that?

8. Girl: Umm, excuse me? I’m allergic to salad.
Me: I’m sure you are…

9. While playing with stuffed toys…
Girl: Ted goes next to Hippo the Thomas.
Me: Next to who?
Girl: Hippo the Thomas!
She meant hippopotamus. So much cute.

10. Me: You have a new baby sister – how exciting!
Boy: Yeah, her name is Alyssa.
Me: That’s such a pretty name!
Boy: Well, it used to be a secret. And then she got borned and then we told everyone.


Road trip!

I just got home from an amazing four days down at Rye with some uni friends. I can tell you that planning and organising gave me so much anxiety. Finding and booking a holiday house took a while, but in the end we found a house that was well within our budget and appeared to be fairly reasonable. Little did we know that the house was everything we needed and more. In fact, this whole trip came at a perfect time for all of us.

We set off on Thursday morning and got to Rye at lunchtime. The girls’ car pumped the Frozen and High School Musical soundtracks while the boys listened to ghetto music apparently. We bought lunch and ate at front beach, enjoying the sunshine, the view and each other’s company. We agreed that the next couple of days would be completely care-free. We wouldn’t worry about time or any of the other things we would usually stress about. I decided not to check my emails and to check Facebook/Instagram as little as possible.


As I said before, the house we stayed at was perfect. It was a short walk from Rye’s back beach and a short drive (less than 10 minutes) from the front beach. As soon as we walked in and I saw the looks of amazement on my friends’ faces, all anxiety about the house disappeared from my brain. It was incredibly clean and immaculately maintained. It was a modest size, but was fully equipped.

We decided to walk down to back beach to catch the sunset, and boy am I glad we did. I don’t know if there ever was anything as beautiful as what I saw that evening. As we stood on the rocks watching the sunset in comfortable silence, I could not help but praise God for His amazing creation. I was in awe of how beautiful and perfect it was. And as I looked at the people standing around me, I knew that this trip was going to be nothing short of memorable.


Our days were filled with sun, sand and swimming. We even made a sand version of Olaf! It took us almost an hour to construct him but I’m very proud of our efforts. Our nights were filled with games, movies, singing at the top of our lungs, deep and meaningful conversations, dancing and star-gazing. As the days passed, it became evident that this trip could not have come at a more perfect time for all of us, each for different reasons. For myself, I needed time away from the anxiety. That inner critic came out only twice for the entire four days, and each time, I was able to take away her megaphone. Before this trip, I was worried that the way uni was structured this year would shake up some of my friendships. I came home with confidence that these people were too special and too important to me for something to get in the way. I also came home with almost no voice – but I don’t really care because that voice was used to belt out some awesome songs.

I had an amazing time away and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect four days. I’m now suffering from post-road trip blues 😦 I guess I’ll have to keep looking at photos until the next road trip!


Weird things I’ve heard my parents say.

*Disclaimer: I LOVE my parents and I’m in no way trying to disrespect them by posting this.

1. Upon hearing the meals I planned for an upcoming road trip with friends, Dad exclaimed “No rice?! Three days with no rice?!”

2. My mother, on going to the gym – “Sometimes I drive all the way there and feel really tired, so I just drive home and tell myself “At least you tried…””

3. “You know, I was the adventurous one. I was the first one in my family to wear jeans.” – Mum telling me stories from her childhood.

4. Dad can’t say dinosaur”, he says “dinosaurus”.

5. Dad: How did I know what your mum was thinking? I must have teletubbie.
Me: I think you mean telepathy…

6. Mum gets Hugh Jackman’s name mixed up, calling him “Jack Hughman”.

7. Mum: I think you have to be of a certain calibri…
Me: I think you mean calibre. Calibri is a font.

8. Dad: And for dessert, my colleague had pikachu ice cream.
Me: Excuse me?
Dad: You know, the nut? Pikachu?
Me: Pistachio?
Dad: Yeah, that one.