Weird things I’ve heard my parents say.

*Disclaimer: I LOVE my parents and I’m in no way trying to disrespect them by posting this.

1. Upon hearing the meals I planned for an upcoming road trip with friends, Dad exclaimed “No rice?! Three days with no rice?!”

2. My mother, on going to the gym – “Sometimes I drive all the way there and feel really tired, so I just drive home and tell myself “At least you tried…””

3. “You know, I was the adventurous one. I was the first one in my family to wear jeans.” – Mum telling me stories from her childhood.

4. Dad can’t say dinosaur”, he says “dinosaurus”.

5. Dad: How did I know what your mum was thinking? I must have teletubbie.
Me: I think you mean telepathy…

6. Mum gets Hugh Jackman’s name mixed up, calling him “Jack Hughman”.

7. Mum: I think you have to be of a certain calibri…
Me: I think you mean calibre. Calibri is a font.

8. Dad: And for dessert, my colleague had pikachu ice cream.
Me: Excuse me?
Dad: You know, the nut? Pikachu?
Me: Pistachio?
Dad: Yeah, that one.


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