Wearing glasses is a struggle.

Took a trip to the optometrist today. There’s something about getting my eyesight tested that makes me feel really uncomfortable. Anyway, this kinda gave me an idea for a post. Being a glasses-wearer, there are many annoying things that I have to put up with. Here are a few of my struggles.

1. Rain.
If I’ve got my glasses on but no umbrella, walking in the rain in the worst. I’d only be able to take a couple of steps before my glasses are covered in raindrops, rendering me as good as blind. And then I have to wait til I get under cover before I can take them off and wipe them. But it takes me a longer time to get under shelter because I CAN’T SEE. I’ve been saying this for years, but someone needs to invent windscreen wipers for glasses.

2. People who “test” my eyesight.
Telling me to take my glasses off and then asking me how many fingers you’re holding up is not cool. That is not how eye tests work. You are not an optometrist. Also, I’m not that blind. So please just stop. Oh, this also applies to people who like to point to things and ask “Can you read that?” Please, I know I have bad eyesight, I don’t need you to remind me. Just. Stop.

3. People who try on my glasses and are surprised at the result.
These people…I can’t even. They ask to try on my glasses, so I politely oblige while thinking “Please don’t put your oily fingers on the lens or I will murder you.” They then put the glasses on and proceed to squeal “How do you see out of these?! Everything is so blurry! OMG I’m getting a headache.” Excuse me, the reason you can’t see properly is because the glasses were tailored for my eyes because they are my glasses. *facepalm* To be honest though, I haven’t really had to deal with this since high school, and I’m so glad.

4. “You should try contacts.”
This annoys me the most when it comes from people who have never had any experience with contacts. Have you SEEN how you put contacts in?! You stick your finger IN YOUR EYE. Like, YOU TOUCH YOUR EYE. I am not okay with that. I’m a little bit like Rachel from Friends in that I have a weird phobia about things touching my eye. Therefore, contacts + me = nope. For the record, I have actually tried contacts. Twice. Both times I sat with my optometrist for 30 minutes trying to put the damn lenses in my eye. When I eventually got them in, I couldn’t get them out. Never again…

5. 3D glasses.
Whether it’s at a 3D movie or on a 3D ride at a theme park, trying to fit 3D glasses over your glasses is such a struggle. They never sit the way they’re meant to and will slide off your face with the slightest touch. This makes 3D movies and rides very unpleasant experiences, which is sad because I really do want to enjoy these things. Unfortunately, I have to decide between being able to see but struggling to keep the 3D glasses on or having the 3D glasses sit properly but being blind.

The struggle is real, you guys.


2 thoughts on “Wearing glasses is a struggle.

  1. Pretty sure there’s like glass where water just slides off easily? Me thinks. But yeah totally agree with you on that 3D glasses problem…arghhh

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