30 Days of Gratitude: Day 13

I missed a day…again! This is yesterday’s gratitude:

Today, I am grateful for good company.

I had the delightful privilege of having lunch with my Super Speechie Bestie. We got dumplings and sat out in the sunshine, and everything was brilliant.

I decided it was about time I made a Save the Date event on Facebook for my upcoming 21st. As I sat there typing the details in, my thoughts and anxieties began to spiral out of control. On the brink of an attack, I turned to my friend – “I can’t do this. No one’s gonna come.” She looked at me with a you’re-a-nutjob face. She basically said that I was being stupid and the all the important people would be there. The ones who don’t respond are irrelevant.

To my Super Speechie Bestie, I can’t thank you enough for keeping me grounded, and not letting my anxiety get the better of me. You saved me from bursting into tears in the middle of uni.

Today, I am grateful for good company.


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