30 Days of Gratitude: Day 18

Today, I am grateful for Skype.

Dad’s currently in Singapore. I’m kinda jealous. He’s only there for a couple of days to surprise my grandpa (his dad) for his birthday.

Anyway, because he’s in Singapore, we Skyped him tonight. He was over at my grandma’s, which meant that I got to see her too. A while ago, I mentioned on this blog that my maternal grandparents mean A LOT to me. It kills me that I can’t be there to look after my grandma. Skyping her just made my entire day.

The look of awe on her face when she realised she could see me on the computer screen. The beaming smile on her face when she heard me call her “Ah mah!” For the first time in 20 years, she told me I’d put on weight and that she liked how round my face is now. There were moments where she didn’t say a thing. Instead, she sat there with a look of peace and pure joy.

I didn’t realise how much I missed her until tonight. December cannot come any quicker.

Today, I am grateful for Skype.


30 Days of Gratitude: Day 17

Today, I am grateful for my Guides.

I’ve been with this Girl Guides unit for almost 3 years now. I only just got my qualifications to be an official Guide leader this year, and was asked to step up in a huge way because our Unit leader has uni commitments.

I was so convinced Guides would be crazy today. I was down 2 leaders and we were doing a cooking activity. Usually, that’s a recipe for disaster. 

However, everything turned out fine. My girls were exceptionally well-behaved and cooperative. There were some crazy moments, but otherwise, they were fantastic. They had fun too, which is always a plus.

It makes me a little bit sad to know that next year won’t be the same with some leaders and girls leaving. My Guides always know how to make me feel better. It might be something they say, something they do, or even just the way they run into Guides with a smile on their face. As crazy as they are sometimes, I love them all.

Today, I am grateful for my Guides.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 16

Ok, so I’ve missed like 3 days.

Today, I am grateful for time.

It’s one of those things I always complain about never having enough of. “I just don’t have the time” or “I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day” are things you will hear me saying on a regular basis. Especially if there are assignments due.

The more I think about it though, if there were extra hours in a day, I’d probably just spend them in bed or procrastinating.

Anyway, it was a long week with many late nights, but I still managed to get what I needed to do done. And I only missed one class! I also managed to take some time to just chill for a bit…oh, and do the ice bucket challenge. In hindsight, I got a lot done this week. 

Today, I am grateful for time.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 15

I keep missing days, sigh.

Today, I am grateful for children.

They say the best things. Thought I’d share some of them here so you can see why they are so special to me.

“This is so hard – I wish my mum was here!”

“I’m a man!” 
One of my Guides said this with absolutely no context AT ALL. Turns out she meant she’s playing a man in a puppet show they were doing.

*After showing my student my Batman ring.*
Him: “Does that make you Batgirl?”
Me: “I guess so.”
Him: “So then I’m Batman. But you can’t tell anyone. I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine. Do you have a Batmobile?
Me: “Nope.”
Him: “Well, I have a grapple hook.”
Sure…you do.

“Is that what money looked like in the olden days?”
– My 9 y.o. student looking at a cash register set I brought to class. The money was literally a black & white version of what money looks like now.

In clinic…
SP: What’s this? *shows picture of sheep*
Boy: Lamb.
SP: Not quite. What’s a big lamb called?

Me: I met Batman when I went to Queensland.
Boy: Was he the real one?

Today, I am grateful for children.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 14

Today, I am grateful for focus.

I was so focused today that I managed to pretty much finish an assignment due Monday – yay! I’m so grateful that I was able to sit down and just do the assignment despite the multitude of distractions around me.

This means I can spend most of tonight re-watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and pigging out on ice cream…oh, and doing laundry.

Today, I am grateful for focus.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 13

I missed a day…again! This is yesterday’s gratitude:

Today, I am grateful for good company.

I had the delightful privilege of having lunch with my Super Speechie Bestie. We got dumplings and sat out in the sunshine, and everything was brilliant.

I decided it was about time I made a Save the Date event on Facebook for my upcoming 21st. As I sat there typing the details in, my thoughts and anxieties began to spiral out of control. On the brink of an attack, I turned to my friend – “I can’t do this. No one’s gonna come.” She looked at me with a you’re-a-nutjob face. She basically said that I was being stupid and the all the important people would be there. The ones who don’t respond are irrelevant.

To my Super Speechie Bestie, I can’t thank you enough for keeping me grounded, and not letting my anxiety get the better of me. You saved me from bursting into tears in the middle of uni.

Today, I am grateful for good company.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 12

Today, I am grateful for where I live.

During clinic this afternoon, my friends and I were having a conversation about current issues in the world. It’s a scary place right now, what with all the violence going on. One of my friends said something that really resonated with me. “We should all be grateful that we were born in and live in a peaceful place.” I cannot agree more. Not everyone has that privilege.

I’m thankful that I can walk the streets without fearing for my life. I’m thankful for the freedom I have to practise whatever religion I want. I am thankful that my family is safe. I am thankful for a roof over my head.

I am also thankful for that friend who reminded me of how lucky we all are.

Today, I am grateful for where I live.