Wearing glasses is a struggle.

Took a trip to the optometrist today. There’s something about getting my eyesight tested that makes me feel really uncomfortable. Anyway, this kinda gave me an idea for a post. Being a glasses-wearer, there are many annoying things that I have to put up with. Here are a few of my struggles.

1. Rain.
If I’ve got my glasses on but no umbrella, walking in the rain in the worst. I’d only be able to take a couple of steps before my glasses are covered in raindrops, rendering me as good as blind. And then I have to wait til I get under cover before I can take them off and wipe them. But it takes me a longer time to get under shelter because I CAN’T SEE. I’ve been saying this for years, but someone needs to invent windscreen wipers for glasses.

2. People who “test” my eyesight.
Telling me to take my glasses off and then asking me how many fingers you’re holding up is not cool. That is not how eye tests work. You are not an optometrist. Also, I’m not that blind. So please just stop. Oh, this also applies to people who like to point to things and ask “Can you read that?” Please, I know I have bad eyesight, I don’t need you to remind me. Just. Stop.

3. People who try on my glasses and are surprised at the result.
These people…I can’t even. They ask to try on my glasses, so I politely oblige while thinking “Please don’t put your oily fingers on the lens or I will murder you.” They then put the glasses on and proceed to squeal “How do you see out of these?! Everything is so blurry! OMG I’m getting a headache.” Excuse me, the reason you can’t see properly is because the glasses were tailored for my eyes because they are my glasses. *facepalm* To be honest though, I haven’t really had to deal with this since high school, and I’m so glad.

4. “You should try contacts.”
This annoys me the most when it comes from people who have never had any experience with contacts. Have you SEEN how you put contacts in?! You stick your finger IN YOUR EYE. Like, YOU TOUCH YOUR EYE. I am not okay with that. I’m a little bit like Rachel from Friends in that I have a weird phobia about things touching my eye. Therefore, contacts + me = nope. For the record, I have actually tried contacts. Twice. Both times I sat with my optometrist for 30 minutes trying to put the damn lenses in my eye. When I eventually got them in, I couldn’t get them out. Never again…

5. 3D glasses.
Whether it’s at a 3D movie or on a 3D ride at a theme park, trying to fit 3D glasses over your glasses is such a struggle. They never sit the way they’re meant to and will slide off your face with the slightest touch. This makes 3D movies and rides very unpleasant experiences, which is sad because I really do want to enjoy these things. Unfortunately, I have to decide between being able to see but struggling to keep the 3D glasses on or having the 3D glasses sit properly but being blind.

The struggle is real, you guys.


My Grammar Pet Peeves

I spend too much time on social media. I can spend hours trawling through YouTube, Facebook and the likes. Because of this, I see so many errors that really get on my nerves. Sometimes, I think that there needs to be a test where an individual is not allowed on the Internet until they can differentiate between your and you’re. Maybe I’m some sort of nit-picky, annoying person who sits around on her laptop laughing/crying because of the grammatical errors made by others. Or maybe I just fear for the next generation. Either way, here are 5 of my grammar pet peeves that, in my opinion, need to be fixed ASAP.

5. Your vs. You’re
This is basic grammar. Your indicates possession, e.g. Your dog is silly. You’re is the contracted form of you are, e.g. You’re silly. It’s not hard, people! If I see “Your ignorant” somewhere on the Internet, I’m the type of person who replies with “My ignorant what?” I mean, if you want to insult me, at least do it with correct grammar.

4. There/their/they’re
Again, basic grammar. Most commonly, there is used to indicate being in or at a place/position, e.g. We’ve been there. It’s also used as an exclamation, e.g. There, I said it! Their is an indication of possession, e.g. That’s their house. Lastly, they’re is a contraction of they are, e.g. They’re unable to differentiate between your and you’re. Once again, it’s really not that hard, but I see it all the time and it really gets to me.

3. “I could care less.”
So… you do care? I know people use this to mean they don’t care at all, but saying you “could care less” means you actually care to some extent. What they should say is “I couldn’t care less.” This shows that the extent to which you care cannot possibly be any lower.

2. Apostrophes
I could launch into a lengthy explanation about the appropriate use of apostrophes, but I’ll just touch on a one of the mistakes I often see – using apostrophes to indicate plurals. Recently, I saw someone title an album on Facebook “First photo’s”. Putting ‘s on the end of photo does not make it plural. There are exceptions to the rule. However, apostrophes are more commonly used in contractions (e.g. can’t, won’t, it’s) and to indicate possession (e.g. my aunt’s, your brother’s, that bar’s).

1. “should of, would of, could of”
THIS IS NOT A THING. Of all my grammar pet peeves, this takes the cake. I have no idea why this irks me so much. It just really gets on my nerves when I see someone saying they “should of stayed home tonight”. Yeah, maybe you should have. “Should of” does not exist! Neither does “could of” or “would of”! Please stop with this nonsense. It’s should havecould have and would have. Please, please, please get this right.

Having said all this, I would like to point out that I am not perfect and I do make mistakes, especially when I’m tired. I have caught myself making some of the above errors before, and I always feel so ashamed. Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to come across as judgemental or arrogant – I just get really annoyed when I keep seeing these mistakes everywhere.

21 things Ross Geller taught me.

1. Don’t count Mississippily unless specified.

2. It’s ok to refer to your soulmate as your “lobster”.


4. You have to pivot (pronounced: pivaahtt) when carrying your couch up the stairs.

5. It’s perfectly normal to teach your son about Hanukkah dressed up as an armadillo.

6. Unagi is not just eel – it’s a state of total awareness.

7. Don’t say you won’t eat Thanksgiving dinner until you’ve correctly identified all 50 states of the US. You might starve.

8. If you’re ever nervous about public speaking, it’s ok to blurt out a foreign accent.

9. It’s ok to use your son as an excuse not to help your friend pack.

10. Never make a pros and cons list about someone you’re interested in.

11. If you do make said list, make sure that person never finds it.

12. Choreographing a dance routine with your younger sister is a great idea. You might even get the chance to do it at a taping of a TV show.

13. When driving to the airport to stop the love of your life from getting on a plane, make sure you’re going to the right airport.

14. There is a difference between “you’re” and “your”.

15. There’s nothing wrong with pronouncing everything correctly.

16. You don’t have to be 8 to love dinosaurs.

17. Karate is a viable option if you’re not getting much action in the bedroom.

18. If you want to give someone the finger without actually giving them the finger, just make up your own gesture.

19. When one of your best friends starts dating your ex-girlfriend, you don’t have to be ok with it. You also don’t have to make fajitas.

20. If you do make fajitas (and somehow get drunk in the process), make sure you wear mittens.

21. Do whatever it takes to make your baby laugh.


Things I’ve heard kids say.

A lot of what I do involves working with children and that means I get to hear MANY of the things they say.

1. Kid: I know what the red and green lights do.
Me: Okay, what does the red light do?
Kid: Stop!
Me: What about the green light?
Kid: Go!
Me: Good! What about the orange light?
Kid: *looks confused* There is no orange light?!

2. Me while teaching my lesson at Sunday school: …and Jesus frees people.
Kid: He doesn’t FREEZE people?!

3. While reading a children’s Bible to a 2.5 year-old girl…
Me: Mary was looking forward to getting married.
Girl: I’m looking forward to getting married too!
I told her Dad to keep an eye on her.

4. Girl 1: I’m allergic to bacon.
Me: Umm, sure, okay.
Girl 2: Wait, do you eat pork?
Girl 1: Yeah, I eat pork.

5. Me while teaching about good turns at Guides: So, what are some examples of good turns you do?
Girl: I help Mum carry the shopping, I give Mum massages and help her cook.
Me: You do all those things?
Girl: Nope.

6. One of the activities for Guides was sorting different currencies into different categories, i.e. paper vs plastic or sorting by countries. I overheard one group sorting the notes into “old” and “young” so I wandered over to investigate.
Me: Oh, so you’re sorting the notes into old notes and new notes?
Girl: Nope, we’re sorting them by the people on the note.
Me: Huh?
Girl: If the guy on the note is old, it goes in this pile. If he’s young, it goes in this pile.

7. While babysitting one day, myself and the young girl were playing with blocks when she suddenly exclaims “Boys wee standing up!”
Me: O…kay?
Girl: And girls wee sitting down!
Me: Umm…
I mean, how am I supposed to respond to that?

8. Girl: Umm, excuse me? I’m allergic to salad.
Me: I’m sure you are…

9. While playing with stuffed toys…
Girl: Ted goes next to Hippo the Thomas.
Me: Next to who?
Girl: Hippo the Thomas!
She meant hippopotamus. So much cute.

10. Me: You have a new baby sister – how exciting!
Boy: Yeah, her name is Alyssa.
Me: That’s such a pretty name!
Boy: Well, it used to be a secret. And then she got borned and then we told everyone.

Weird things I’ve heard my parents say.

*Disclaimer: I LOVE my parents and I’m in no way trying to disrespect them by posting this.

1. Upon hearing the meals I planned for an upcoming road trip with friends, Dad exclaimed “No rice?! Three days with no rice?!”

2. My mother, on going to the gym – “Sometimes I drive all the way there and feel really tired, so I just drive home and tell myself “At least you tried…””

3. “You know, I was the adventurous one. I was the first one in my family to wear jeans.” – Mum telling me stories from her childhood.

4. Dad can’t say dinosaur”, he says “dinosaurus”.

5. Dad: How did I know what your mum was thinking? I must have teletubbie.
Me: I think you mean telepathy…

6. Mum gets Hugh Jackman’s name mixed up, calling him “Jack Hughman”.

7. Mum: I think you have to be of a certain calibri…
Me: I think you mean calibre. Calibri is a font.

8. Dad: And for dessert, my colleague had pikachu ice cream.
Me: Excuse me?
Dad: You know, the nut? Pikachu?
Me: Pistachio?
Dad: Yeah, that one.

3 videos that will get me through the rest of my degree.

So, the way my degree is structured, I’m starting my 1st Masters year at the end of Feb. Eeeeep. I’m freaking out. I know it’s going to be tough and I’ll need a bunch of inspiration along the way. That’s where these videos come in!

1. Small Potatoes – You Can Be What You Want To Be

Why I love this: “You can be (you can be) what you wanna be. You can dream (you can dream) what you wanna dream. You can do (you can do) what you wanna do, but you’ve gotta work hard to make your dreams come true.” So much truth in a song sung by potatoes. And that one potato who wants to be the first potato in space? Adorbz.

2. Bub Climbs 15 Steps Like A Champ

Why I love this: You might be thinking it’s nothing out of the ordinary because it’s just a kitten climbing some stairs, but this really is something special. I did some digging and found out more about Lil Bub. Basically, Bub is a “special needs” cat who was born with many genetic complications. Amongst other issues, Bub was unable to walk a year ago, but look at her now! Her human describes her as “the most determined, remarkable, and inspirational living thing”.

3. Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

Why I love this: “IF YOU BAH-LEEVE IN YOURSELF, YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE. IF YOU DON’T, YOU JUST KEEP PRACTISING.” This kid. Seriously. Bossest kid I know. Listening to him speak makes me feel like I can conquer the last two years of uni. Basically, he’s just super proud that he’s just learnt how to ride a bike and he shares some words of wisdom with other kids (or adults…whatever). And he ends his inspirational speech with an emphatic “Thumbs up for rock and roll!”

Things I say after being in Singapore for a month.

Yes, I have actually uttered or thought these words.

1. “What do you mean the bus doesn’t come for another 30 minutes?!”

2. “What’s a tram?”

3. “8 bucks for a meal?! I’m eating at home.”

4. “Everything is so spread out here! So much space!!”

5. “OMG. There’s gum.”

6. “I love this weather.”

7. “Thank God my hair is not frizzy any more.”

8. “Lah” or “Leh” or “Lorrrr”

9. “Aiyaaahhhhh.”

10. “I want durian!!!”