5 Things I Believed As A Kid.

1. All twins have to have rhyming names.
I have no idea where this stemmed from, but for some reason, I thought that it was a universal rule. I had an imaginary friend who was my identical twin and I spent so long trying to come up with a name that rhymed with ‘Esther’. At the end of the day, I ended up calling her Esther.

2. Children with long, curly eyelashes are naughty.
I clearly remember overhearing a conversation between my mum and her friend and they (jokingly) said that you could tell which child was naughty because naughty children have long, curly eyelashes. Upon hearing this, I panicked because my eyelashes are fairly long and curled. I ran to my room, got a comb and tried to comb my eyelashes straight because I didn’t want to be naughty. I almost took my eye out in the process.

3. Apples were the reason I pooped.
Not sure how scientific this really is, but I grew up with a grandmother who would parade around the house after dinner proclaiming that if we didn’t eat our apples we wouldn’t be able to poop. She still does it to this day, but two nights ago she changed her tune and told me if I didn’t eat my bananas, I’d get constipation…

4. By the age of 16, I’d have a job and a boyfriend.
This is what happens when you read books like The Babysitters Club or any of the Mary Kate & Ashley series. I actually thought that I’d have a part-time job (most likely babysitting) and a gorgeous hunk of a boyfriend. Unfortunately, the closest thing I got to either of those was volunteering at my church’s Sunday school and an unrequited crush on a cute boy (who now happens to be my boyfriend so I guess some things work out :P)

5. Santa doesn’t go to Singapore because it’s inconvenient.
Growing up, Santa Claus wasn’t something that my parents placed emphasis on during the holiday season. I found out about him through books, cartoons and generally because he was EVERYWHERE during Christmastime. Anyway, for a short period of time, I believed he existed but he kinda skipped over Singapore. I reasoned that this was because no one really had chimneys and most of the windows were either closed or had grills on them, so it was too hard for Santa to get into the houses to deliver the presents.